From President of Bridgestone MUD

I want to reach out to the Bridgestone community and talk to you about our deputies. Bridgestone has contracted these deputies to keep our area safe. Currently Bridgestone Municipal Utility District employs 1 lieutenant, 2 sergeants and 12 deputies. These deputies are spread over three shifts: Days, Evenings and Nights. As you can see as big as the Bridgestone MUD district is this keeps the deputies busy. They also work accidents, commercial establishments, domestic disputes and numerous other crimes which involve making arrests and writing reports. During these times it takes them off their normal patrol. They do at times have other M.U.D. officers helping out when needed, but this also take those constables out of their district. As you are aware there have been a lot of burglaries of motor vehicles recently. This happens on a regular basis, but can be deterred by making sure your cars are locked at night. The vast majority of vehicle burglaries is due to vehicles being left open. Our constables are doing the best they can and when there is an uptick of crime in a certain area the constables will increase their presence. Remember it is a huge deterrent if your vehicle is locked and valuables like computers, firearms etc are removed. Always report any suspicious activity in your area. Let’s all do our part to keep Bridgestone and the surrounding area safe for our families and friends.

The constables are available 24/7 and can be reached at 281-376-3472.